Bickerstaffe circuit 1963

walton-cac-race-270463.jpg This post is nothing more than an excuse to show an old photo that I have found. The “winner” is Keith Hardiman of the Liverpool Mercury. The race was held on the Bickerstaffe circuit on 27 April 1963 and I think it was promoted by the Walton C&AC.


  1. Justin Smith said

    Hey Greenjersey, thats a great picture. I was wondering, what club are you riding for in this picture, i cant make it out from this? Im researching the history of the Bickerstaffe Circuit for a personal project.

    And would it be positive to learn you true name as aiming to put names to faces in pictures and race winners and in the photo.
    Many thanks again

    Frankly Justin I don’t believe a word that you say-researching the history of the Bickerstaffe circuit, yeah, right, a likely story.

    • Gary Brown said

      I believe the Bickerstaffe Circuit story! In fact I’m currently carrying out some research into the History of Cycling in Liverpool, particularly Re: Eddie Soens and the Kirkby club. I’d be interested in any info that you may have, as it appears that you have a lot of knowledge of Liverpool cycling. I know for a fact that Eddie Soens used the Bickerstaffe Circuit to train Gordon Singleton, who was Canada’s answer to Chris Hoy in the late ’70s early ’80s.
      Hi Gary, you have chosen a rewarding subject although it would be a great shame if you limited it to the Kirkby CC. If it was expanded to the old Merseyside division of the BCF that would then include Stan Brittain of the Aintree Phoenix, Bill Bradley of the Southport and Norman Sheil. It would also include the Manx riders.
      Surely Ken Matthews kept everything ever written about the Melling Wheelers and Kirkby CC? Was it all skipped?

      • Gary Brown said

        You’ve given me some useful ideas here. My current intention is to write about Eddie Soens and the cyclists/athletes that he coached. Eddie was coaching from before WW2 so my coverage will include Norman Sheil/ John Geddes etc. Widening the net to include a broader Merseyside picture is an interesting suggestion, which I may follow up. Merseyside was clearly a real hotbed of cycling!

      • Anonymous said

        Food for thought!

        Many thanks!

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