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jorg-and-pat.jpgJorg Jasche has been speaking at the Play The Game anti-doping conference in Iceland. UCI president Pat McQuaid said that he thought that there is no more organized doping in cycling, a statement Jaksche disagreed with. “Maybe I have just been unlucky, because I have been on six teams, and on all six there has been organized doping,” was Jorg’s response.

Never lost for the wrong thing to say the UCI president attacked the many riders, who in the past year have told stories about doping use to different newspapers and TV stations. This, of course, includes Jörg Jaksche. ”When you get paid enough money to do something, your objectivity tends to go out the window,” Pat McQuaid said.

Now it seems to me that although it would be best if riders fessed up for the good of the sport they should be encouraged to speak up even if partly motivated by article or book sales. Surely as a son of Ireland Pat appreciates the theraputic value of confession?

For the record Jaksche’s team are:-

1997-98       Polti

1999-2000 Telekom

2001-2003  O.N.C.E.

2004             CSC

2005-2006  Liberty Seguros

2006             Astana

2007             Tinkoff

There are of course seven teams and it seems from later comments that he was excluding Tinkoff from the role of dishonour.


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