P-B-P update no. 3

The good news is that Bob Harber and Damon Peacock both finished in eighty seven hours. I believe that Bob was a little quicker than 2003 which given that the weather was worse and he is now the wrong side of sixty is quite an achievement.

Sadly it seems that neither Ray Kelly nor Mike Butler finished as they both disappeared from the web site at 1000km. I calculate that Mike was just twenty minutes outside the time limit at the Villaines control. Surely he wasn’t pulled out with “only” 225km to go. As I said previously Mike seemed to have a long stay at Loudeac both out and back. That is fine if you can ride quickly between controls but IMHO you need to get in with a fast moving group most of the time and many of the older riders just can’t hack that. Incidentally I phoned Gino Goddard to give him the news about his cousin and I asked him how old he is. Gino said he doesn’t think he is seventy yet!! He is expected in the UK next month so I am hoping to meet him.

Poor Ray Kelly has, it seems, had to abandon for the second consecutive time and again at well over half distance. He may also have been pulled for being out of time at an intermediate control. I believe you will be allowed to continue if you have evidence of some misfortune but I think just having a bad spell cuts no ice.

So of the five riders I chose to track only three qualified. I think the drop out rate is normally about fifteen per cent so maybe I jinked them. Nevertheless they are all heroes and deserve respect

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