P-B-P update no.2

As Beryl Burton showed many years ago women can hold their own with men in endurance cycling (remember her 12 hour ride of 277 miles?) so I am not surprised that of my group of riders Sheila Simpson is the first finisher. She took just over 86 hours so she was comfortably inside the time limit. Not that I am sure “comfortably” is the right word as Sheila doesn’t seem to have had too much sleep. Like everybody else she rode through the first night and then maybe two or three hours sleep for the next three nights. I have read that Sheila says she slows by two hours every four years so she has two more P-B-P’s in her which will take her to nine!

Of the rest Bob Harber and Damon Peacock arrived at Dreux (1156km) at 10am so they should be OK but at 1pm French time Ray Kelly and Mike Butler are not yet recorded as arriving at Mortagne (1082km). Ray however didn’t start until 11.10pm so he has some leeway. Lets hope it is an admin error and they are, in fact, on the last 70km stage.

It is now 3.15pm French time, fifteen minutes to go for 9.30pm starters, and the PBP site seems to have crashed! Over-use I guess.

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