P-B-P update

It is five pm in the UK and for a lucky few PBP is over! Besides tracking a few acquaintances I followed a couple in the fast group selecting at random numbers 11 and 44. They got to Brest at 615km (385 miles) in 20hrs 35min. and returned in 24hrs. 15min for  total time of 44hrs. 50min. Some ride  for 1225kms (765 miles) eh? Interestingly although they were clearly in the same group no.11 always checked in a minute or two after no.44 at each control. I guess no.44 is the pushy type.

Here are the turn times for the riders I have followed. Remember that they started at various times between 9.30pm and 11.10pm.

Sheila Simpson, a woman I met on the 2003 event. She is middle-aged and doesn’t look particularly athletic.  She has finished six times and is going like a train getting to Brest in 38 hrs 18 min. Well done Sheila.

Bob Harber, Brighton Excelsior rode in 2003 when he just beat 90 hrs. He got to Brest in 40hrs 46 min.

Ray Kelly, Willesden CC, has finished four or five times. In 2003 he rode on the back of a tandem but sadly the freehub packed up after 800 miles. This time he turned in 40hrs 45min. Don’t presume that Bob and Ray have been riding together as Ray started one hour after Bob.

Gino Goddard’s cousin from Texas Mike Butler turned in 41hrs 30min and seems to be slowing after a quickish start.

Finally Damon Peacock, Southport CC, who warmed up for the event by riding the 24hr TT championship took 40hrs 33min.  Of course it is not just speed on the road that matters but time in the controls is important. I think that they all had a kip at Loudeac after 450kms. There are many unknowns such as meal breaks but also unknown unknowns including mechanical problems and crashes. The good news is that they have all got longer to return than it took to do the outward leg so with luck they should qualify.

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