Flandrien: Hard men and heroes

anybody-you-recognise.jpg anybody-you-recognise I  managed to blag myself into Flanders House (the Flemish embassy) where I spoke to Johan Museuuw. I could have asked him any question I liked so I asked an incredibly stupid question about Paris-Roubaix 2001 to which there was only one possible answer which I already knew ! What a dope- No me, not Johan! He did tell me about his range of bikes and said that sales in England are better than expected. He said he supplies the best “younior” (as in Yohan) team in Belgium. He speaks good English and has a rather squeeky voice not unlike David Beckham. He was then interviewd in private by the man from the BBC, who was wearing racing kit. Richard Dimbleby must have been turning in his grave.

There were about one hundred people on the ride across London to the exibition at the Host Gallery EC1 where there was an unlimited supply of Duvel beer and snacks. There was a great band playing typical Flemish music. The photos were terrific. They were for sale, the large ones costing £800 although one of Eddy Merckx in a Molteni jrsey was £1100.

The photo above is of a mystery cyclist who joined in the ride across London. Note the flash trainers combined with Time pedals. Below is my elder daughter Zoe with Etienne de Wilde, former winner of Het Volk and stages of the Tours of France and Spain.



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  1. There are more photos of the ride, the bikes and the party at:


    Picture IMGP2155 has the Flemish Minister for Sport and Culture, Bert Anciaux leading out Johan Museeuw along Bloomsbury Way, London.

    The ride was organised by London Cycling Campaign. Earlier in the day we led the current and former Flemish racers around the Tour de France London prologue route, that was quite a laugh.

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